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GRIFFIN Screen Protector for iPad 3 – SelfHealing – 1pack (GB03561)

35,70 KM

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Griffin TotalGuard Level 2 Self-heal Screen Prot iPad 2.

TotalGuard is a new approach to screen and device protection. With simple, no-mess installation, TotalGuard Level 2 protection puts a stretchproof, tear-resistant, puncture-resistant film of optical-grade PET between your screen and the cruelties of the outside world. On top of the PET layer, TotalGuard Self-Healing film carries a coating that actually flows back into scratches to seal them back up as if they never happened. TotalGuard protects without affecting the sensitivity of your touchscreen.
Accessory Name: TotalGuard Level 2: Self Healing Film
Parent Products: iPad 2
Package Type: Retail
Depth (mm): 214 mm
Height (mm): 279 mm
Width (mm): 20 mm
Nominal Weight: 0.06 kg
Warranty Products returnable: Yes
Warranty Term (month): 24 month(s)
Warranty validation Criteria: Serial Number
Box Width (mm): 225 mm
Box Height (mm): 320 mm
Box Length (mm): 245 mm
Box Weight Brutto (kg): 2.08 kg
Packs in Box: 48
EAN Code: 685387343188

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